Bluecoins Finance: Budget, Money & Expense Tracker

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Description of Bluecoins Finance: Budget, Money & Expense Tracker

is an incredibly simple app for expense tracking & planning where your money goes. Behind this simplicity, it is also regarded as the most powerful app on the market today!!!
helps you to easily plan a budget, never forget a bill & spend money with confidence! With cloud sync & multi-currency support, you have instant access to your personal finance data on any device, anytime, anywhere!
- Featuring a clean, simple UI that makes it very easy to understand your financial standing from the big picture to the smallest details. Bluecoins uses internationally recognized standard accounting principles, it would not take long before everything becomes familiar to you.
- Get a clear picture of your most important financial figures when you open the app. Your daily summaries, net earnings, cash flow, budget summaries & credit card reports at your fingertips. Export reports in PDF, Excel & HTML!

- Learn to budget using very sound and effective techniques that is very simple and easy to learn. Predict how much money you will spend and money remaining to keep you ahead of any potential troubles.
- The only app of it's kind that gives you a complete picture of your balance sheet and net worth. Reconciling your accounts with your bank records and credit card statements is a breeze!
- Record your transactions and attach receipts in seconds. Want to find that dinner receipt from 3 years ago? No worries with the very powerful integrated search engine. Much more, import your transactions using QIF, Excel (csv) and SMS!
- Never miss a bill again! Setup your utilities, bills and any obligations and let the app notify you when it is due!
- Access your data across multiple devices and family members! Backup, sync & share data using Google Drive or DropBox
- Traveling around the world? Managing accounts in many currencies? Bluecoins is designed to handle complex currency transactions and account management. Users around the world have supported Bluecoins and it is now translated to more than 30 languages!
- required by Google Drive for syncing
- required for SMS banking notification
Lot of guides, tips & support available at
If ever you run into any issues, the best place to discuss is by sending email to

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